Rob Quin Barrister - Project Overview

Criminal & Traffic Lawyer Hamilton

This was a site re-vamp for local Hamilton Lawyer Rob Quin.

After doing a visual audit (UX Heuristics) and performance audit (Google Lighthouse) of Robs old website, there where a host of changes that could be made to improve user experience and present a more professional image.


  • Changing from an old school multi-page layout to single-page funnel design in order to add control to the user experience, giving them relevant information, before directing them toward the contact form.
  • Added responsive designs so the website is, not only accessible, but also looks great and is easy to use on all devices (mobile, tablets, laptops, etc).
  • Created new high quality background collage and images + adding lazy loading for performance improvements, user experience and user retention. * these were made to fit the style of previously designed images by Robs wife.
  • Improving all lighthouse metrics (performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO) a minimum of 15% across the board, and up to 37% (SEO).

Check out the live site at: