Vanman - Project Overview

Airport Shuttle (Former Industry Leader)

A project for Dave and Heather to get a professional image online and make it easy for old or new customer to book their shuttle services.

Dave and Heather were previous owners of AeroLink, one of the biggest shuttle companies in New Zealand, but were forced to sell after covid. They're in no rush to grow their new business, Vanman Logistics Ltd, to those heights again, and don't see the shuttle industry getting back to its former glory for at least a couple years, but wanted something simple in place to support customers who still know and love their services.

Their new website has already helped a good number of clients book shuttles with Vanman and makes it easier on Dave & Heather to quote their services as users send all needed information through the form. Customers also now know which Covid levels Vanman operates under, how they operate and how they can make contact should they have any questions.

The website is aimed at their broad but family focused demographic, with light and bright blue and green being the main brand colors. The site works across devices with fast load speeds and simple animations to improve user experience.

Vanman Logistics Ltd is online now at so if you have any summer trips planned give them a dial!